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Strio-D and Strio-E are advanced, water-rich, surface modified polymer sorbent that extracts acidic, basic, and neutral analytes from bio-fluid and other aqueous samples. A unique and optimized polar outer (Hydrophilic) surface and non-polar inner (Hydrophobic) backbone allows exceptional phase transfer of analytes into polymer backbone. This revolutionary approach results in non-polar surface tightly retaining the analytes not retained by polar outer surface.

Strio-D and Strio-E have optimal pore structure that allow only small analytes to access large surface area of polymer bead while prevents retention of endogenous large molecular weight interferences. This results in exceptionally clean elution of analytes extract and intense reduction of ion suppression.
Customer Testimonials
We tested Strio-D product; reproducibility and the linear response was very good. The overall performance was good”. We tested Strio-E product ; results are very promising.
Harilal Patel, Scientist
Zydus Research Centre (A division of Cadila Healthcare Ltd.)

We tested Strio-D product and the product is very promising.
V. Chandara Shekhar,  Principal Scientist
GVK Biosciences Private Limited

We have checked the Strio Cartridges for three molecules and it is giving good results with the other like HLB and Strata-X.
Bhavesh Dasandi, Technical Director & Head
Syncron Research Pvt. Ltd.
Effective and Generic Method
• Basic Sample; Dilute 100 uL sample with 1:3, 2% aqueous ammonia
• Acidic sample Dilute 100 uL sample with 1:3, 1% aqueous formic acid

Revolutionary Strio-D  and Strio-E are polymeric  SPE products, designed for enhanced analytical performances and case of use. Its distinctiveness lies in the advanced surface modified polymeric design.

Regardless of your application or sample type, you will benefit the difference Strio product makes :
• Generic methodology
• Better reproducibility
• Greater flow characteristics
• Superior recoveries
• Enhanced cleanliness

Generic methodology delivers cleaner extracts and enhanced recoveries from a broad range of acidic, basic, and neutral compounds. Unique polymeric design effectively removes the frequent matrix interferences that cause ion suppression, resulting in improved analytical sensitivity and data quality.
Ordering Information
Item Number Description Quantity
SSSD-ICC30 Strio-D, Icc, 30mg 1 box (100 tubes)
SSSD-ICC30 Strio-E, Icc,30mg 1 box (100 tubes)
Other configuration are available on request.
Manufacturing : Research :
Strio Chem India Strio Chem Technologies, Inc.
Gorwa, Vadodara California, USA.
M:9510395325 626 – 367 - 4885

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