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Sample concentrators and accessories
Sample concentrators and accessories. Concentrating of samples is widely used in combination with solid phase extraction (SPE) in analyses of environmental samples.
Evap-Sample Concentrator EV 01 Cat. 57600000

Termovap TV 10+ Sample Concentrator

Evaporative sample concentrator with heating
Cat. TV100000

10.0ml Reaction Vials, 24-400 (12/pk) KIMBLE Cat. 099451

5.0ml Reaction Vials, 20-400 (12/pk) Cat. 099440

Adapter for 5ml Vials to TV 10 Cat. 57050530

Reducing Adapter for 12x32mm Vials to TV 10 Cat. 57050590

Non-Standard Adapter for Vials to TV 10

We produce non-standard adapters for customer's vials or tubes. Please specify external sizes of vials or tubes.
Cat. 57050990

Termovap/Evap Needle, Luer Cat. 57990010

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