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Mobile phase (solvent) handling devices and utilities
Devices and utilities for mobile phase (solvent) handling in HPLC, liquid chromatography techniques. Reservoirs, caps, boxes, degassers, ultrasonic cleaners and filtration device.
Mobile phase reservoirs (bottles)
Mobile phase reservoir LCT 02

volume 1L, glass
Cat. 56940000

Cap for Mobile Phase Reservoir (GL45) Cat. YY990495A

Cap for Mobile Phase Reservoir with Fittings

Fitting for tubes with 1/8 inch OD.
Cat. 56970000

Box for Bottles MF 01

Allow place the bottles on the units
Cat. ZA000000
On-line degassers of mobile phase
Degasser DG 3014 on-line, four channels

On-line (continuous) mobile phase degassing up to 10 ml/min
Cat. 49000000

Box with Degasser DG 4014 four channels

On-line (continuous) mobile phase degasing up to 10 ml/min
Cat. ZA100000
Ultrasonic cleaners
Ultrasonic Cleaner RS1 (1L) Cat. RS1

Ultrasonic Cleaner RS1T (1L), heating Cat. RS1T

Ultrasonic Cleaner RS2 (2L) Cat. RS2

Ultrasonic Cleaner RS2T (2L), heating Cat. RS2T
Mobile phase filtration devices
Mobile phase filter assembly 300/1000ml Cat. 620931

Membrane filter Nylon 47mm, 0.45um (50pcs) Cat. TR-200140

Membrane filter PTFE 47mm, 0.45um (50pcs) Cat. TR-200200

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